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What is the #burntchef about?

I tried to make brownies… not your delicious calorie loaded variety, a healthier version. I am not trying to be better or cooler for making a healthier recipe. It is after gaining a heap of weight, conclusions were reached that food was making me fat! I still want to eat yummy things and just have to make healthier versions of the sweet delicious gold.

Not really sure about the brownie thing, why not just eat cake or cookie dough? Oh right, it’s a combination of those textures that make brownies so popular, so I see that it is appealing!

I got into making the healthy brownies one morning, I had all the ingredients and I had time so why not?

I made them and I burnt them. Yes the brownies fought back, they know I don’t really like them. I can make excuses like, my gas oven is temperamental and has a dodgy thermostat, and is either really hot or really really hot. No I cannot blame the world, I burnt them! IMG_4017

I was going to share them with my neighbour friend, even before I had made them, I called her and talked the brownies up “oh yeah I am going to bring over some delicious brownies this afternoon” Well I am not going to bring burnt brownies! No no I am ashamed, I failed. Well so I thought!

I want to encourage you today to embrace your failures. So let us share our failures today, we are all encouraged to strive and be amazing, don’t stop being that! But failures are important also. We need to learn somehow and if we are always great, we will not be able to learn from our mistakes. I am now more determined than ever to make a flawless healthy brownie. It just needs to taste good, and not be burnt so I can eat it. Ultimately life is busy and making brownies in the morning was probably a bit ambitious, is that another excuse?

So let us all encourage failures and the unfortunate burnt recipes with #burntchef show us what is really going on, I am going to make an effort not to burn things, but hey its bound to happen and when it does, I cannot wait to share it with you all….


Look at these flat croissants that took me two days to make … #burntchef

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