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Recycle your whole household
3 ways we reduce household waste

Did you know your scrunchy plastic rubbish can be turned into playground equipment? Learn how….

Here is how to change your dirty habits. Even a family household can reduce landfill and your weekly garbage…. If you live in Australia, you can turn the flexible plastic packaging into kids playground equipment, here is how… Keep the soft plastic in a separate bin bag. Take it to Coles or Woolworths or even give it to your supermarket online delivery driver, and join the The REDcycle Program! Its a simple supermarket based recycling program that invites consumers to gather together all their empty bread, cereal and frozen food bags, plastic shopping bags and other flexible plastic packaging and take them to their nearest Coles or Woolworths drop off point, (the red wheelie bin at the front of the store). The collected soft plastic material is delivered to their manufacturing partner, Replas to be turned into outdoor furniture for Aussie primary

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3 Easy ways our family reduces household waste

How do you get rid of household rubbish? Do you walk down your driveway with a fully loaded wheelie bin and have it emptied by someone else? Lucky you we don’t! This is how you can stop your weekly wheelie bin overflowing. The jungle dwellings household rubbish: Recycling We keep glass jars and large yoghurt containers for a kids bowling alley or DYI projects and storage. We recycle milk cartons, and cans.  In winter our fireplace helps burn paper and cardboard. This way we only have four garbage size bags of recycling a month. If a friend visits with a carton of beer, we make them take the empties home with them. Yes, I really do! Most visitors understand that we drive it to a recycling facility. On the weekly shopping trip we personally deliver our recycling, to the local

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Why the Tree-change? 2
Why the Tree-change? 1
Why the Tree-change?

Why the Tree-change?

Yep, Tree-change and our beginning of that so if you have read About Venuzi, Yeah that one, you know my story. It wasn’t enough for my family, so we changed it all… How did we make the decision? Well this is a story about just that, as many can relate, it’s easy to get stuck in a life that isn’t what you want, feeling unhappy although we had everything and anything that you have ever wanted. A miracle happened, my mother in-law decided that her three kids could have an early inheritance, it’s not what you think, she isn’t overly rich, and didn’t pass out a million dollars, but it wasn’t far off! She gave her three kids her second home before the usual, after death scenario. This was extremely generous, she could have rented it out, made some

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Container addiction part two:  Churning a glass jar obsession

Container addiction part two: A glass jar obsession

If anyone knows me they know I really like containers,  I’m into them, like a pig likes mud. Actually I have so much to say that I have dedicated two posts to the subject. What can I possibly say that I have not said in my first post about container addiction? Since our recent move from the the city to the bush, I have started to spend more time looking into sustainable living, the environment and tree hugging activities in general. So one day whilst I was hanging on the verandah of one of my ‘well informed #hippybutnothippy friends’, she simply asked me “why don’t you use glass jars”? But wait!  I have filled my lovely environmentally friendly bush house pantry with plastic containers, yes plastic without even thinking. My Mum used Tupperware, my Granma used Tupperware, what’s wrong

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Container Addiction 9
Container Addiction 7
Container Addiction 8

Container Addiction

Yes I am ready to tell the world, I have a first world problem, I am addicted to having food containers, so here today I am here to admit, I have an overwhelming need to continuously purchase, sort and gather containers. I am not talking about take away food containers… although they are helpful for freezing meals.  Did you know plastic is made out of oil? not cooking oil, bloody car oil! So don’t microwave heat food in plastic containers, when heated the plastic releases toxins that are very harmful, to us humans. Ok let’s move on… The real addiction is, spending hard earned cash on a plastic box! HOW IT STARTED After I was with child, I wanted to make homemade food, look I still got the supermarket stuff, but that was a last resort. I needed something I could

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