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Container addiction part two:  Churning a glass jar obsession

Container addiction part two: A glass jar obsession

If anyone knows me they know I really like containers,  I’m into them, like a pig likes mud. Actually I have so much to say that I have dedicated two posts to the subject.

What can I possibly say that I have not said in my first post about container addiction? Since our recent move from the the city to the bush, I have started to spend more time looking into sustainable living, the environment and tree hugging activities in general.

So one day whilst I was hanging on the verandah of one of my ‘well informed #hippybutnothippy friends’, she simply asked me “why don’t you use glass jars”? But wait!  I have filled my lovely environmentally friendly bush house pantry with plastic containers, yes plastic without even thinking. My Mum used Tupperware, my Granma used Tupperware, what’s wrong with Tupperware? Everything.

Well I was taken aback! I am sorry I did not know plastic was evil? Why have I purposely gone out to buy plastic? When I could have purchased beautiful glass jars with spring back lids, or even better, reused jars from products that were held and loved by someone else.

That discussion made me do two things:

1,Look at the different grades of plastic available:

Avoid recycling plastic with symbols 3, 6, and it is also best to avoid this plastic . While Number 1 is considered safe, best look for symbols 2, 4, and 5, as these plastics are considered to be safest. These are the plastics to look for in terms of human and animal consumption.

2.Start buying products with large reusable jars, just simply buy in bulk and only buy what your family loves to eat, In our house its Gherkins & Coconut Oil!

Now my container addiction is branching into a glass jar obsession, but at least it is healthier for the planet and my family.


My advice is live like the garbage is not collected out the front of your house but, you have to move all your rubbish by yourself. What if you didnt have the familiar sound of the garbage man rampaging out his daily duty?! Would you be more careful about what goes into the bin? Would you make a conscious effort not to buy packaged items over loose unpackaged items?

Tell me your Jar or container UPcycling story…..