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Healthy Desserts
Snickers Slice…Healthy ….What?!
Baked Basic Healthy Biscuit 2  (3)

Easy Chef / Healthy Dessert Ideas

Are you craving something sweet? Why compromise your buttocks for a little craving?

  • Baked pear with cinnamon and LF yoghurt
  • Apple baked with flaked almonds and sultanas
  • Real fruit ice-cream, chop any type of fruit and freeze, blend the frozen fruit the next day and serve. Best results from over ripe banana or mango, or try avocado for a savoury twist


  • Mini Banana Muffins

Lunchbox life healthy mini banana muffins

  • Better Biscuits

Lunchbox life better biscuits

  • Bounty Slice

Healthy and better Bounty slice

  • Choc Peppermint Slice


  • Twix Slice

Healthy and better Twix slice

  • Snickers Slice

Healthy and better RAW snickers slice

  • “Yo” Bites energy biscuits

“YO” POWER BITES + Vegan Option

  • Jam Drops

Jam Drops A Healthier Version ~ Recipe and Tips