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I must start by saying this Tea is amazing!The packaging draws you in, I want to have all the colourful little boxes, I will stack them up on the counter, stare at them and display them proudly. No I haven’t done that yet!?….much!

The company has a huge range of teas. The local Australian supermarket has several flavours, but not the whole extensive range. Oh and did I mention the Tea is amazing!! And for the the spray free health conscious, its also organic.

Here are a few reasons why you need to try this tea;

  • Licorice or Liquorice, this is for the liquorice fans, a combination of Liquorice root, herbs spices and citrus peel. My husband loves liquorice, he eats the salted variety and plus he is German. So he loves tea, he says this is the best tea he has ever tasted!
  • Green Tea with Coconut, Yum Yum Yum. I love this one, a green tea taste with this lingering coconut flavour, to really taste the oils, its best without any sweeteners. But if you are after a sweet flavour, have it with coconut sugar.
  • Green Tea with Chai, This tea is delicious on a cold winters evening, a Chai flavoured tea with the goodness of green tea added. Its nice with rice malt syrup or honey and a dash of warm frothy milk.
  • Evening Tea, This tea is the best thing to consume before bed! A beautiful fusion of lemon balm, lavender and chamomile. What more could you ask for?!


My only criticism is the tea bag tags don’t have the tea flavour printed. In our house, everyone has a different tea so once the tea bag has left its cosy tea box, the tea bag is unidentifiable (other than smell and taste of course). But we always mix up the cups!

THE VERDICT; delicious flavour, healthy and so full of antioxidants you will be beaming with joy once you discover the Higher Living Tea range.

Buy it when its on special at your local supermarket, now people!

And check out http:

Have you tried it? tell us why you love it…