Living Off Grid, Tree Change Journey

Meet Venuzi

cropped-IMG_4244.jpgHello, my name is Venu!

I grew up in Australia, between Byron Bay and Nimbin with my hippy parents, my mum is German and my dad is Scottish. They met at a great time in their lives, in India! That is how I have the Indian name, Venu, and it means Bamboo Flute!

I love cooking, creating new recipes, gardening, snowboarding, swimming, drinking coffee and wine, eating food that tastes amazing and is sometimes healthy. Who dosent like holidays? well I do! I especially love my family and friends and just spending time with them. I don’t like being to unorganised, touching peoples feet or bad smells, or bad coffee.

My younger years were spent living in primitive bush shacks, caravans and then gladly we lived in some beautiful houses and by the ocean. We moved a lot. Overtime I gained more family, my parents split when I was seven and I guess that means I had a broken family, but I didn’t have a broken family, I gained two step sisters and a baby half sister.

I finished school, and completed year twelve. (that is an achievement in itself, at my highschool) Then I studied, wanting to be a Chef! After years of working in the trade, I decided I didn’t like making food for other people! I wanted to reclaim my nice soft hands and nails, the years of hard labour took out me.

WHO IS VENUZI? 2I met my future husband when I was eighteen, we moved around Australia.  Sydney, to Gold Coast, to Brisbane and back to Gold Coast, over a seventeen year period. I worked hard because I wanted to make something of myself. I worked from a humble kitchen-hand, eventually a corporate, Purchasing Manager for a huge corporate company. My husband an Engineer and myself a Purchasing Manager, worked in our busy corporate positions. FUN!

Then we had a child, a boy a really happy and healthy child in day-care, eleven hours a day. FUN!

We had a mortgage, I mean a house, we cared for it and maintained it. But sadly it just sat empty a lot of the time.

We were not happy in the rat race. We changed it ALL to pursue a “tree change”Why the Tree-change?

Every experience makes you appreciate the simple things!




The aim of my blog is to share a real “tree change” journey from, existing in the city to living in the jungle, moving off the grid and living like our great ancestors did.

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I hope you enjoy.

Venu xx