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Mummy Time

We all take time for our nearest and dearest, but what do you do for yourself? I am sure you have a shower for yourself, or eat food to keep the hangry’s at bay. But everyone does that and I am sure when you do those things your little one is visiting you in the shower or toilet, or you make something to eat for others whilst you make your own, or even worse you make them food, forget yourself and eat their leftovers, or even worse you try to quietly make a quick snack and although you are trying to be as quite as a teeny tiny mouse, your family has taken on the senses of a wolf, they can hear, smell and they just know you are in the kitchen and all of a sudden every man and his dog is nibbling at your portion for one.

So let’s make an effort to make time for ourselves! Cheers to that!

Bake something complicated – I mean bake, get the flour on the walls if you have to use Pinterest, Google or to find a recipe or use your own creative juices to create something wonderful.

Pilates, Yoga or Exercise – in the morning before everyone wakes up, this is the most relaxing time of the day. Find a space in your home, or on the veranda that you can easily roll out your yoga mat, or even better keep it permanently set up as your area (if you have the space). You can buy books or DVDs that are easy to follow. Or join a class and learn the moves from a proper instructor, this is a great social activity too.

Gardening – Plant a nice new flower or weed if you have too, this is a great time to think a little, don’t start landscaping or planning a large produce garden, just go into the garden and start pulling out weeds. I love going to gardening shops and buying the half dead plants and bringing them back to life, they are so cheap and heavily discounted, it is also very rewarding bringing something back to life. Like going to the pound for a plant

Go food shopping ON YOUR OWN. Before or after your shopping trip, make sure you really try to go out for lunch or fit in a coffee if you can. Read the newspaper, and don’t look at your phone!

Have a bath ON YOUR OWN. Lock that door, put a mud mask on and light a candle. If you put a thick mud mask on, your kids will look at you funny and possibly be afraid of you so they won’t want to join you anyway.

Paint on canvas or colour in mandalas, guaranteed relaxation! You can buy or download and print your own, a bunch of complex Zen and anti-stress colouring pages for adults, its repeated patterns are known for its soothing properties.

I sometimes just colour in with our little guy that is relaxing too. Wait a minute… I see what’s happening here! I am a mum I cannot help but try to incorporate my day with his! So the moral of the day is, if you can try to do something for yourself do it, even if it’s only once a week!

Do you have a way to de-stress from your mummy duties, that is cheap and is easy to actually fit into your life?

I’d love to hear what you do to take time out.