3 Easy ways our family reduces household waste

How do you get rid of household rubbish? Do you walk down your driveway with a fully loaded wheelie bin and have it emptied by someone else? Lucky you we don’t! This is how you can stop your weekly wheelie bin overflowing. The jungle dwellings household rubbish: Recycling We keep glass jars and large yoghurt containers for a kids bowling alley or DYI projects and storage. We recycle milk cartons, and cans.  In winter our fireplace helps burn paper and cardboard. This way we only have four garbage size bags of recycling a month. If a friend visits with a carton of beer, we make them take the empties home with them. Yes, I really do! Most visitors understand that we drive it to a recycling facility. On the weekly shopping trip we personally deliver our recycling, to the local … Continue reading 3 Easy ways our family reduces household waste