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Parent Holiday ~ Kid Free Zone

Parent Holiday, what is that?
NO it’s not holiday with your beloved parents, it’s a holiday for all deserving parents, parents to be or carers.

This is the time that is required in life, to rekindle your own self awareness. If you are married or with a partner, it’s also a very important time to rekindle the love that you know you have for each other, just don’t have much time to actually show each other, or just simple things you once shared as a couple, free to sleep as long as you want!

My husband and I recently went on an 11 day holiday, without our 4 year old boy, in another country, yes we are selfish, and we are better parents for it! We also have wonderful parents that looked after our darling for a whole 11 days without us even having the option to give him a cuddle or pick him up.

Firstly I’d like to help others plan a trip;

Here are some ways to make it possible for you…

Plan ahead, book your trip with a lot of time to prepare your family of an impending child invasion

Make sure they have time to look after the critters!

If you have a few people that can look after them, that is good, it can be like a little holiday for them. Write a schedule, I used a whiteboard. Then take a photo and send it to everyone

Make notes, notes, and notes of everything that is relevant and important for that week. It helps you to relax, and they might like some advice

Before you go take try to take some time to take the kids on a special day to the zoo or a theme park, or a fun day out

If someone that is looking after the kids can stay at your place, even if it’s for some of the time, it helps the kids to be in their familiar surroundings

We didn’t explain to our little guy too far ahead of time, that we were going away. His little mind has no concept of time.  One week can seem like forever to them. So we mentioned it a few days before and in the lead up, but we talked a lot about him going to stay with his grandparents

Secondly, how to prepare you!

You will probably feel anxious about leaving the kids behind or perhaps a bit of guilt; you might consider how you could buy plane tickets for them and add them to your holiday at the last minute. Don’t feel guilty! The second after your guilty feeling, you will get super excited about going away, especially when you are in moments of frustration with the darling spawn!

So here is some advice to keep “all of the above” in check…

Remember how dedicated you are to your family… Don’t forget… Now remember you are a person and need time off too!

Embrace the freedom, enjoy every second. You are sitting by yourself, without anyone asking something from you. You don’t have to answer to anyone, and you can go potty by yourself!

Skype the kids. If your family doesn’t have Skype or don’t know how to use it…  email them photos and little videos. They can do the same if they have a modern smart phone. My dad just upgraded from an old flip phone to a fancy large phone6, technology is a learning experience for some, so don’t put too much pressure on them to send you pictures, if it’s not working out. Let them focus on the task of looking after your kids.

Don’t feel guilty, the time will go fast. Before you know it you, will be getting cuddles again and you will appreciate the time with them even more

Take lots of photos of the kids before you go, little videos are good when you are away and are having a weak moment and particularly miss them!

Buy them a souvenir

Enjoy sleeping in, nanna napping, drinking early, staying up late, and eating out. We went to Bali, and because it’s so cheap we ate out for breakfast, lunch and dinner!