Living Off Grid, Tree Change Journey

Mummy Time

We all take time for our nearest and dearest, but what do you do for yourself? I am sure you have a shower for yourself, or eat food to keep the hangry’s at bay. But everyone does that and I am sure when you do those things your little one is visiting you in the shower or toilet, or you make something to eat for others whilst you make your own, or even worse you make them food, forget yourself and eat their leftovers, or even worse you try to quietly make a quick snack and although you are trying to be as quite as a teeny tiny mouse, your family has taken on the senses of a wolf, they can hear, smell and they just know you are in the kitchen and all of a sudden every man and

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Container Addiction 9
Container Addiction 7
Container Addiction 8

Container Addiction

Yes I am ready to tell the world, I have a first world problem, I am addicted to having food containers, so here today I am here to admit, I have an overwhelming need to continuously purchase, sort and gather containers. I am not talking about take away food containers… although they are helpful for freezing meals.  Did you know plastic is made out of oil? not cooking oil, bloody car oil! So don’t microwave heat food in plastic containers, when heated the plastic releases toxins that are very harmful, to us humans. Ok let’s move on… The real addiction is, spending hard earned cash on a plastic box! HOW IT STARTED After I was with child, I wanted to make homemade food, look I still got the supermarket stuff, but that was a last resort. I needed something I could

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Hot Cross Bun Recipe ~ Cooking with kids 6
Hot Cross Bun Recipe ~ Cooking with kids
Hot Cross Bun Recipe ~ Cooking with kids 2
Hot Cross Bun Recipe ~ Cooking with kids 4
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Hot Cross Bun Recipe ~ Cooking with kids

VENUZI Hot Cross Bun Recipe   How many: 12 Buns Time: 2.5 hours ~ How to cook with kids below ~ Ingredients: The Ferment: 20g Yeast 250ml Water at 38 degrees 50g Plain Flour 20g Caster Sugar The Dough: 400g Plain Flour 5g Salt 60g Butter, softened 15g Milk Powder 40g Caster Sugar 1 cup Sultanas 5g Cinnamon 2g Nutmeg 5g Vanilla Extract The Cross: 100g Plain Flour 15ml Oil 10g Caster Sugar 100ml Water The Sugar Glaze: 5g Caster Sugar 2ml Water   Method: Make the Ferment, In a small bowl add the yeast and water and whisk then add the flour and sugar Cover the mixture with a cloth and place in a warm place for 25-30mins or until the ferment rises and starts to fall again Make the dough, Sift the flour, salt, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and

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Gardening with kids

I love gardening, it’s a little escape, mummy time and a form of meditation. Sometimes it’s hard work, moving wheelbarrows of dirt, digging holes or it can even be disheartening if something doesn’t blossom like the picture on the packet, you tried so hard and it doesn’t work out like they said it would! Or plain and simple, your little people really Really REALLY want to be part of your business. So instead of having a nice potter in the garden, you need to set up a full force child minding facility. Here are some ideas to keep mum productive and little people happy; MUDPIES Find some old cooking utensils, whisks are a hit get a bucket or yoghurt container, a watering can or bottle full of water, place them and the little people close to your general area, in

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Shipping Container ~ Moving & Storage

To start off our tree change journey,  we had to move first. There are a few different ways to move: Hire a small truck, or trailer,  or pay a lot of money for someone else to do it. You can also curl up in a ball go to the corner of the room and don’t move because the thought of packing, moving and unpacking,  makes your hair go grey prematurely! I’m here to offer an alternative,  dont get to excited,  I’m not coming to your house to help you,  I want to offer advice from my experience. We decided to look further into some options. We were moving, and needed to store our precious possessions for 3 months.  Storage facilities are good option,  but that would mean moving twice, I like my brown hair too much, to risk the greys coming

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