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Container Addiction

Yes I am ready to tell the world, I have a first world problem, I am addicted to having food containers, so here today I am here to admit, I have an overwhelming need to continuously purchase, sort and gather containers. I am not talking about take away food containers… although they are helpful for freezing meals.  Did you know plastic is made out of oil? not cooking oil, bloody car oil! So don’t microwave heat food in plastic containers, when heated the plastic releases toxins that are very harmful, to us humans. Ok let’s move on…

The real addiction is, spending hard earned cash on a plastic box!


After I was with child, I wanted to make homemade food, look I still got the supermarket stuff, but that was a last resort. I needed something I could fill with my home made vegetable mush. I tried the ice cube tray deal, but what a bloody mess, not for me. After one of my many time-wasting trips to the shops, I happily discovered the world is filled with itty bitty tiny containers!

What a great feeling I had when I made a mush batch, filling the itty bitty containers, sticking them in the freezer, looking all neat! I found myself looking in the freezer to view my colourful containers, not sure if I was proud of the food or the containers? It was early days, the ultimate mum, making mush stocks! This was the start of my container addiction, I needed/wanted/got greedy for more!


So child grew the itty bitty little containers were not sufficient for his belly and child grew teeth. The mush was not mush any longer, but chopped food and becoming more varied. Darn I must buy larger containers! So out I went to the discount shop and bought more! The collection was growing, the containers getting larger. This hard earned cash is easy to get rid of, if you really want to justify something to your husband, its definitely not going to have sanity saving coffees with your friends, its making chopped mush stocks to save time, and a bit of money. I loved it, screaming child, slap a portion on a plate, and sanity is restored!


Now I was I was looking into my pantry zone, checking stuff out, moving things around, you know hanging out in the pantry. Then, what is that moth flying around? what is that nasty bug in my rice? Oh darn, all the open packets of food, have a case of the weevils! The Internet told me this….. “Transfer all your perishable foods stored in the pantry into containers with tight lids that weevils cannot invade”.

All I really saw in that message BUY MORE CONTAINERS! I proceeded to do so, but I needed better ones, the cheap shop containers didn’t have the seal of approval, as the internet stated. So off to the supermarket I went!


Freeze any flour, grains or rice you buy for at least 1 week to kill any existing living weevils and their eggs
Place bay leaves or cloves inside your containers of grains and rice to naturally deter weevils from infesting your food.
Purchase smaller amounts of food and eat them in a timely manner to prevent any existing larvae from maturing fully and to reduce your risk of weevil infestation
Ok its time to stop!: By now my pantry is looking good! I have slowly introduced more containers, over time. I purchase them when they are on special, I go so far as to buy them and quickly hide them in the pantry, my husband busted me in the act, I felt so ridiculous and realised I had a problem. So this is the end of my container journey, enough is enough and I am happy with my current stock levels for now.

Please tell me you have a similar urge, so I don’t feel like a loony…

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Oh one more thing, I went this way, we own a fully insulated shipping container! This is a great way to move house, save money, and most importantly time! More on this in “Tree change”

Shipping Container ~ Moving & Storage